Stress relieving, muscle strengthening, lymph draining and reactivated circulation, all this is achieved from powerful massage techniques using silky bamboo canes, specific rolling and unique massage movements unlike any massage you have ever experienced before. Inner well being is improved with specific reflexology points being activated and skin is left silky, nourished and restored from the bamboo bio extract.

Bamboo canes and reflexology: the new frontier of total well-beingBamboo Massage Treatment: the achievement of physical and mental well-being. A sensation of well-being is diffused in the whole body and reaches the spirit. Bamboo Treatment reduces tension, stimulates the senses, reactivates the circulation, reshapes the silhouette and smoothes the skin. Because of its draining, relaxing and calming effects it’s indicated both for women (particularly in presence of cellulite) and men (ideal for sportsmen). The hearts of the Bamboo  MassageTreatment are the special Bamboo sticks, the Bamboo Massage Oil and the Bamboo Candle for aromatherapy, which increases the effect of the massage thanks to its exotic, fresh and citrus scent. Products with Bamboo bio-extract are said to be a precious and natural booster of youth. In China, Bamboo is the symbol of eternal youth... that is because the Bamboo’s pith is rich in nourishing and normalizing active ingredients, it’s a source of energy and life and gives elasticity, tone and a silky, even and radiant look to the skin. 

Bamboo Back Massage £25

Full body Bamboo Massage £40